Friday, November 7, 2014

WebApp: CrowdMailer


Bulk Emails are the best marketing tool to promote your product worldwide in a very cost effective way. You can send mails in bulk to your clients as a newsletter or new updates regarding your product or services at very low prices.Bulk Email Marketing is a very cost effective Marketing tool in Internet world bulk Email is one of the leading Email Marketing Company in India. This is achieved through efficiently segmenting the target audience and creating personalised email messages that are creative and interactive.

Email Marketing Features:
  1. Delivery of SPAM FREE Emails, 90% Inbox Delivery 
  2. Delivery of easily create Newsletters 
  3. Users can Manage Group/Lists 
  4. Users can Manage Email IDs 
  5. Sender Name – Unlimited (FREE) 
  6. Reply email: End User set reply email at their end. 
  7. If anyone does not want to receive email from any particular user then they can unsubscribe this email, after unsubscribe them will never receive promotional emails. 
  8. Sender can view Sent Report by Date Search 
  9. Sender can view different Reports: In this section, we can track, how many users view promotional emails. With incoming IP address details. 
  10. There is Attachment Facility. 
  11. Email Id Database also available (All over INDIA).
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