Friday, November 7, 2014

Mobisite: Heist Insurance

This is a mobisite (aka. mobile site). The main website was already hosted on the server. When we got the deal to make it's mobile site, we had got a clause as well that since the main site was developed using Wordpress, so we have to make a mobisite that should be compatible to the main site. Since there were lots of form present in the main site that needs to be provided in the mobile site as well but the technical challenge was that we need to submit the data in the same database where the main site is submitting data. Now this is kind of a hack that we need to do. So we used ajax and json technologies for inserting data in the same communicsation line by learning and understanding the data formats. When we delivered the solution to the client, she was so happy that we didn't made any change to the existing server-side setup and only added our own purely javascript based solution. Hence, we setup the benchmark here.

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